Customize Your Service Menu with Custom Code

Exciting Product Update: Customize Your Service Menu with Custom Code

We’re delighted to announce an exciting new feature that enhances your customization capabilities — now you can tailor the appearance of your service menu by adding your custom CSS. This update provides an increased level of flexibility allowing you to modify the look and feel of your service menu just the way you want!

What’s Changed?

Until now, the service menu’s customization was somewhat limited compared to other calendars. However, with this recent update, we’re handing over the creative reins to you! Now, you have complete freedom to modify the appearance of your service menu and apply desired changes to align with your vision.

Instructions for Customizing Your Service Menu

To begin revamping your service menu, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Navigate to your service menu settings.
  2. Under ‘Service Menu Details’ find ‘Additional Options’.
  3. You will see a box labeled ‘Insert Custom Code’.
  4. Input your custom code into this box and remember to save your changes.
  5. Once saved, check the scheduling link to view the changes you made.



Why This Update?

We introduced this new feature with the primary goal of enabling more personalisation and control over the service menu. You can now tailor the aesthetics of your menu to match your brand identity, preferred style, and colors seamlessly. We hope this feature adds more value to your experience on our platform.

We invite you to check out this new feature and hope it enhances your creative possibilities with your service menus.

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