Consistent Brand Experience Update: Invoices, Receipts & Payment Links

In our commitment to exceptionally better our experience for the end-user, we have introduced enhancements that allow consistent and branded interaction when using invoice, payment links, and Text2Pay.

Being able to send invoices and payment links to users that reflect your account-specific branded domain name ensures a consistent and personalized experience. This simple, yet impactful, enhancement gives your interactions a professional touch inline with your brand identity.

The system now also carries over your account’s configured branded domain name when copying a preview link from the application. This unified approach to your branding amps up the credibility of your brand presentation.

With both preview and copied links now reflecting your domain branding within the Text2Pay functionality, it bonds your brand tightly for a seamless experience – presenting your users with a cohesive brand image.

Downloaded Invoices

Another layer of user interaction where your domain makes an impact is when links are embedded in downloaded invoices. These links automatically adapt to your domain branding, offering a clean, cohesive, and professional look and feel.

When short links are generated for invoicing, your domain branding takes precedence. Ensuring that every touchpoint of interaction within your account echoes your brand enable you to maintain a robust online brand presence.

Antivirus Blocking Resolution

By integrating your branded domain across these many interactions, we help assure your users that their interactions are safe. Constantly seeing your unique domain verifies them they are interacting with your brand, not a generic, unidentifiable link. This not only adds a layer of trust to your brand but also ensures a smoother experience by minimizing the chances of links being misinterpreted as harmful by antivirus software.

It’s worth noting that these changes apply only when you have configured your account-specific domain settings accordingly. If not, the system will default to the SMBcrm API domain.

By fortifying your brand consistency and professionalism, this tier of enhancement was designed to boost your credibility and user experience. Remember, every touchpoint with your user is an opportunity to impress – and we’re striving to make every interaction count.

In Case You Missed It

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