Boost Your Brand Presence: Add Multiple TikTok Business Accounts in Social Planner

Boost Your Brand Presence with the New Enhancement: Add Multiple TikTok Business Accounts in Social Planner

We’re excited to announce a recent addition to our features – the ability to add multiple TikTok business accounts to Social Planner. Now, you can increase your brand visibility, accelerate targeted marketing efforts, gain precise analytics, and smoothly manage collaborations all from one place.

Why Add Multiple TikTok Business Accounts?

Adding multiple TikTok accounts to Social Planner offers several top benefits for businesses:

Streamlined Brand Presence

Businesses can develop a separate TikTok account for individual brands. This consolidation ensures a more professional and consistent representation, contributing to a distinct brand identity with consistent content sharing.

Tailored Marketing Efforts

With the ability to create specific account profiles for different target demographics or product lines, businesses can now customize content according to particular audience segments – a phenomenal tool for personalized marketing!

Enhanced Analytics and Insights

Separate business accounts enable easier tracking of essential analytics and insights for each product line or business sector. And better-informed marketing strategies? Always a win!

Simplified Collaborations

For businesses seeking to collaborate with influencers or others within different niches, the multi-account feature makes engaging across various communities a breeze.

Getting Started: How It Works

Ready to set up multiple TikTok business accounts on Social Planner? Follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Marketing > Social Planner.
  2. Connect your TikTok business account via the Social Planner Settings Integration.
    Social Planner Settings
    TikTok Business Integration
    Account Integration
  3. Within Social Planner, hit the New Post button to create a new TikTok post.
  4. Choose the TikTok Business Account you want to use.

TikTok Business Selection

  1. Add your video content – TikTok business posts default to public visibility.
  2. Use TikTok to choose duet, stitch, or comment.
  3. Schedule your post!

Tiktok Video Specifications

  • Format – MP4, MOV, WEBM
  • Size – 1 GB max
  • Duration – between 3 to 180 seconds, minimum width of 360 px
  • Content length – up to 2200 characters

Marketing agility lies at the heart of our company – talk about streamlining your strategy. In case you missed it, read our exciting previous update about embedding diverse online content into your dashboards. Prepare to supercharge your digital presence with these essential tools.